Please be advised that the District has exceeded the quote threshold for t-shirts and custom printed garments. 

How does this affect me?

For the remainder of this fiscal year (June 30, 2017), all purchases of this kind must have two quotes with the award of purchase going to the lowest quote. Ref.18A:18A-37(a)

How do I achieve this?

  • Identify the goods you wish to purchase
  • Contact two, preferably pre-existing, vendors and have them email you a quote. (BOE Policy 6450)
    • Per the Purchasing Manuall, shopping cart or online pricing print outs are not acceptable quotes
  • Enter a requisition to the lowest vendor and save it
  • Complete a 2 Quote Form - found on District Documents > Purchasing
  • Submit the 2 Quote Form along with both quotes to the BOSC (Ticket Type - Submit Back Up > 2 Quote Form)
  • On the requisition, in Alio, in the Special Instructions box, enter "BOSC Ticket Submitted" in the internal field
  • Submit requisition. Once approved, a signed Purchase Order will be transmitted to the vendor